As Companions, we act on our concern for another person through offering the encouragement of five basic practices:

The practice of HOSPITALITY approaches another person with respect, honoring the dignity inherent in every human being. Hospitality creates and peaceable space with another. Hospitality shares calm, rest and refreshment in an often tense, confusing and traumatic world.

The practice of

NEIGHBORING invites us to discover what we have in common, to set aside our power and privilege, and meet one another as equals.

The practice of SHARING

THE JOURNEY SIDE BY SIDE positions us to look out at the world together, acknowledging our different backgrounds and viewpoints, proceeding with integrity, not pushing, pulling or imposing our priorities.


Tips on Listening

1. It is a gift simply to listen

2. Listen for feelings and.    

3. Listen to yourself             
4. Take care with responses

5. Listen over time and         in community.         
6. Listen for the words of      faith, hope and love
7. Be open to a person’s.    

spiritual story.       

The practice of

LISTENING opens us to another’s story, hearing the person’s own account, beginning in the now, exploring gently the past and what the future holds.

In the practice of

ACCOMPANIMENT, we listen especially for what the person says is their need, support the individual in connecting with community resources and help build a circle of care.